Charles Umpenhour, Inc. has managed my rental property in Palm Coast for years. They understand the local market and take pride in delivering a great service for their clients. During all these years I've had the pleasure of working with Diane Collazo, from the start she has been responsive and a constant professional. I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Diane. The property is currently rented and I am impressed by their quick response to both my requests and the renters requests. They have a highly professional approach and their management team has gone well beyond my expectations in providing an exemplary service to us. Thanks for doing an outstanding job in managing my rental property!

Frank Torres



Barbara was helpful, answered the calls promptly, pleased with her help and work


V. T. M.


We were so pleased with the excellent service, professionalism and attention received during the sale of our property from Barbara Andersen. All her efforts are greatly appreciated and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their property.

Luciano and Ann

Lyndhurst, N.J. 

To whom it may concern,

    Ms. Barbara Andersen is very knowledgeable in her field. She is professional, supportive and trustworthy in dealing with our needs. We highly and sincerely recommend her services.

-Virgilio & Virginia

My compliments to your agency for helping me sell my property in Palm coast. I had the pleasure of working with Barbara Andersen and was very pleased with what she did. She sold my property and closed on it all within the span of 20 days. She made me feel completely at ease with everything and I felt that I was working with a friend. she was wonderful!

Karen C.

Pittsburgh, PA

Barbara Andersen was my agent for selling 5 properties, which I
had inherited as part of a complicated Trust, full of legal snafus,
one-after-the-other. She made, what was set up to be a rather unpleasant journey, as smooth a ride as possible....She came through as a true gem of an agent, a person, and ultimately a friend. She calmed me down when my stress level was high and led me every step of the way in her wise and professional manner, and together we got the job done. Barbara is the BEST!

Wesley G

Brooklyn NY

Charley and John, 

I can't thank you enough for helping us rent the house in a smooth and timely manner. You did an amazing job. You got the grass cut, fixed the bathroom shower, dealt with prior tenant on some issues, and just took care of stuff!

Being an absentee landlord has been stressful over the years, but you guys have made it so much easier and manageable. It won't be forgotten!!!

Thank you very very much, 


To whom it may concern;

I'm writing this letter of recommendation in support of Ms. Barbara Andersen, who was my agent helping me sell my property in Palm Coast. I believe my lot was listed for about 3 years with Barbara, and every few months she would call me and update me on the local market in Palm Coast. I would renew my contract with her every six months, because I believed she was aggressively representing my property. Ultimately,  she got what I considered a fair market value offer on my property, and we closed in a few weeks. Barbara handled everything, and other than me coming to the office to sign some papers and pick up a check, it truly was a "painless process". I would highly recommend Barbara Andersen to any prospective buyer or seller in the Palm Coast area.
Sincerely Craig E. P
Trenton N.J.

Dear Mr. Charles Umpenhour,
During a short vacation to Palm Coast, Fl. my wife and I decided to look for a corner lot in the F section of Palm Coast, after many hours of driving around and not having any success, we were running out of time, so we took notice of certain lots that we liked that were not listed and decided to walk into a local real estate agency. After telling the agent our situation, he claimed that our request was difficult and that he would try for us, not being convinced that he would, we decided to go elsewhere, That's when the magic happened, Barbara listened to our request and our situation, she assured us that she would contact the owners by mail of the lots that we interested in, and she would get back to us. Within a week, Barbara had received a response from a couple in Conn. whom were interested in selling. Barbara was excellent in providing pictures and information regarding the lot. After purchasing the lot, we again called on Barbara in 2011 regarding our interest in purchasing a home, again, Barbara was excellent in providing all information, pictures, local government agency, and phone numbers, it was like having a family member working for us, she is very knowledgeable, hard working and enjoys what she does. I would highly recommend her to all my family and friends, and without a doubt we will do all of our future dealings with her, she is excellent at her job and truly a person after my own heart and you should be proud having her working at your agency.
Thank You,
Mr. and Mrs. V.
Palm Coast FL


It's rare that you come across standout talent in the Real Estate Business like BARBARA ANDERSEN. Few people have the opportunity that I had working with Barbara in the sale of my property on Fairhill Lane, Palm Coast, Florida. I was particularly impressed by Barbara's ability to handle even the toughest buyer - effortlessly , accomplishing it's final completion of our sale transaction from the signing of the contract to its closing . Barbara's professionalism, experience and skills in the Business world along with her client's communication makes her the successful Realtor she is today. I've recommended my sister Rose to have Barbara market the sale of her property in the state of Florida as well. Barbara is the most trustworthy Real Estate person I have dealt with over the years. " RIDICULOUSLY EFFICIENT " is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about BARBARA . She is not only our Realtor in Florida , " SHE IS OUR DEAR FRIEND ".

Simpsonville, SC

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure of working with your broker, Barbara Andersen on a few occasions within the last two and a half years. Barbara first assisted me in purchasing a duplex, and later accommodated me when I decided to purchase a vacant lot. Barbara immediately impressed me with her knowledge & experience of real estate in & around Palm Coast. She patiently answered my questions, concerns and promptly returned phone calls (even after hours). Barbara's warm & friendly personality shows she truly cares for, the needs of her clients. Her services go far beyond the realm of buying or selling - she is a wealth of information and extends herself to ensure her clients' long-term satisfaction. Most recently, I had the pleasure of recommending Barbara Andersen to my daughter and son-in-law in their search for a vacant lot, and as usual, Barbara did not disappoint! I have worked with many real estate professionals over the years, and I have never enjoyed my experience so much as when working with Barbara. I would highly recommend Barbara Andersen!
Very truly yours,
Karoline G.
Palm Coast, FL

Thank you for everything you and your team has done to get our house sold we both are relieved!
Thank You
Gary T., Mary T. Carol D.
Palm Coast FL

Dear Charley,
I am writing on behalf of the Museum to thank you and your fellow helpers for all of your time and hard work on this year's Florida's Haunted Trails program. I am happy to report that this year's event was our most successful Halloween celebration to date. It brought in more visitors and cash than we have ever had. The success of the program was due, in no small part, to your efforts and dedication. We appreciate all of your wonderful work and thank you very much.
Best regards,
Mary H
Director of Development
Florida Agricultural Museum
7900 Old Kings Road North . Palm Coast, Florida 32137


Thank you all for being there for me and the girls. We feel like we have family here!! We appreciate all you have done for us. Can't wait to house hunt!!
T.Y. Diane & girls
Palm Coast FL

To the entire staff of Charles Umpenhour, lnc.
Being retired from Radio Broadcasting Sales, I can honestly tell you in my entire career of consultancy Style Selling, your Real Estate office goes above and beyond great sales techniques to make the customer happy. The professional service from each one of your staff that helped me, during the selling of my home and finding me a new one made me feel so comfortable during a difficult recovery from cancer. You and your staff went above and beyond your professional selling skills, and you reached out to me with friendship and caring making me feel like part of your own family! I cannot express the gratitude I feel for your help on a professional and personal level, that exists even after the sale. I am living proof of a miracle, thru healing and treatments of Ovarian Cancer. I am now cured of this disease, cancer free and thru your help you set me at ease making my healing a whole lot better. I am living in my new home and my small dream is a result of your help. The Umpenhour family and staff really do make Dreams Come True! Thank you for your continuing help and support during my recovery and thru my remission.
Susan Lee N.
Bunnell, FL

Charley Umpenhour,

    I cannot begin to explain how pleasant of a time I had working with you and the staff at Charles Umpenhour Inc. When I first started the real estate process, I was quite nervous because I didn’t understand the logistics behind everything. Your team answered each question I had with the utmost professionalism, and ensured I understood everything from beginning to end. The entire process occurred with such ease, and I am so happy with the end product! Thank you again!

    Jill (Bunnell, FL)

To the Charles Umpenhour team,

    I am in my dream home, and it is all thanks to the lovely people at Charles Umpenhour Inc. From the very first contact I had with these individuals, I knew they were the real estate company I wanted to work with. They provided me with the tools I needed to locate, find, and decide on the place that I am so happy to come home to every single day.

    Rachel (Palm Coast, FL)


    When I first began the rental process, it was after working with a company who made the process so difficult, I wanted to quit. When I saw your advertisement on the back of the bus, I decided to call, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Instantly, I was greeted by well-informed individuals who made it their personal mission to find me a home to live in. I am so grateful to your team for being so supportive, and for allowing my family to be happy in the home of our dreams.

    John (Flagler Beach, FL)

Charles Umpenhour & Team,

    I am from out of state, and was frantically searching to find a home in beautiful sunny Florida. After spending some time trying to find a home on my own, I quickly discovered I needed someone who would be able to do the grunt work for me. I came across Charles Umpenhour Inc., and I can say the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. Upon the first interaction with Charley, he took it upon himself to make sure I had an excellent home buying experience. He personally made sure to show up to every single meeting and inspection, and made sure everything was conducted to the highest of standards. Not being in the same state was rather difficult initially, but with the amount of effort that Charley put into the process, it felt like I was there the entire time. Charley ended up finding me a home directly on the canal, and it couldn’t be more beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience, and of course, the dream home that Charles helped me find. Couldn’t recommend him more to any prospective buyers.



    I have had many years experience with Charles Umpenhour, and that is because I believe he is the very best in the business! I am an out-of-state property owner, so making sure I had someone to fully take care of all of my needs and help my investment in the best way possible was essential. Charley not only managed and rented out my home without any issue whatsoever, but he also sold my home when it came time to do that as well. The entire process occurred without a hitch, and I cannot be more satisfied with my experience.


To Charles Umpenhour Inc.,

    After receiving notice that I needed to relocate due to my employment situation, I contacted Charles Umpenhour Inc. in hopes that he could get the job done. Knowing that we were in the time of a down market, I was quite nervous, as I needed to relocate quickly, and wished to sell my home before then. Charley assured me that he would find the perfect owner for my beautiful country home, and he did just that. He was fast and efficient, and I was able to sell my home and move jobs without any headache. Thank you Charley!!

   - BB 

Dear Charley,

    You truly are an angel in disguise. My mother was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and it was an incredibly difficult time for the whole family. Upon her passing, there was a large amount of necessities to take care of, involving what needed to be done to take care of the home she was residing in. I was in such a state of grief that it was incredibly difficult to focus on such logistics, something that Charley understood completely. From every single decision to meeting that was made through the sell process of the home, Charley did an excellent job. He consulted me when it was necessary and allowed me to still feel a part of the process, but he also did so in such a manner that it wasn’t overwhelming and took care of most of the work required. Charley took care of every single aspect of the process-right down to the flowers in the home. Contact Charley if you want to be taken care of in the greatest way.


To Charles Umpenhour Inc.,

    I lost my husband and it was a very hard time. I needed to sell my condo, but was struggling so greatly with the loss of my husband that I needed someone who could take care of it completely. Charley at Charles Umpenhour Inc. did that for me, and I cannot be more thankful. With his hard work, my home was sold without any issue, and he took care of everything from beginning to end. I cannot thank Charley enough for helping me through this difficult time and taking care of my home.



    When I began the home-buying process, I knew that I intended to relocate to Florida. With the help of Charley, I found a short-sale home that was perfect for me and my family. During the entire experience, Charley ensured that it went smoothly and pleasant for me. He answered every question I had, and anytime I contacted him, I heard back the very same day. His quick responsiveness allowed for the buying and transition into our new home period occur with the highest level of ease I have ever experienced. I highly recommend.



    I put my home on the market, and was quite excited to sell my home. However, it instantly grew much more difficult when I lost my parents, and I no longer knew what to do. It was necessary for me to sell my home, but I knew I would need to enlist the help of Charley, as I couldn’t do it on my own. During this time, Charley truly treated me like a friend, helping me on both a professional and personal level. Anything I needed, Charley made sure I was taken care of. My home sold at a great price, and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with his service. Charley helped me during a difficult time, and I am so greatly for him and his company for helping fulfill my real estate needs.

   - Sharon

Charles Umpenhour Inc.,

    I contacted Charley Umpenhour quite quickly when I found out that my wife had fallen sick with a serious illness. With our family in another place, my wife wanted to be with her family as her health was quickly deteriorating. Charley Umpenhour understood the situation fully, and took the situation into his own eyes. Comprehending how time sensitive our move needed to be, he made sure that my wife and I, as well as our home, was completely taken care of. I cannot thank Charley enough.


To Charles Umpenhour Inc.,

    I am so satisfied with the experience I had with your company. My parents enlisted my help when they decided to wanted to sell their home in the C section of Palm Coast. I was unfamiliar with the real estate process, which is why I am so thankful for Charley and his team. He answered all of my inquiries fully, and made sure that every single step was explained to me. With his help, my parent’s home was sold easily, and I am incredibly grateful. My parents were so happy with the sale, and I am glad that the entire experience went as smoothly as it did.



Dear Charley Umpenhour & Team,

    My family had a home in the P section in Palm Coast. I had to sell the home to settle the estate, but I tend to have a very busy schedule. Charley recognized this as well, and provided excellent service, taking care of every detail, no matter how small. Would definitely recommend.



To whom it may concern,

    I cannot recommend the services of Charles Umpenhour Inc. and his team enough. Moving and the real estate process in general can be quite stressful, and when it came time to sell my home, I was dreading it. My husband and I had seen Charley’s signs around town, and decided to give him a call. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made. While my husband and I have moved multiple times, this particular instance was by far the easiest-and I credit it all to Charley. Everything went seamlessly, and I cannot be more happy with how my home sold-especially as it was at a great price!




    My family and I employed Charley’s company to sell our home. We cannot be more satisfied with how the entire process occurred. My wife and I wanted to play a somewhat active part in the sale of our home, and Charley worked around our busy schedule to make sure we could play a role. We were able to contact him all hours of the day, and received an almost immediate response whenever we did. Our home sold at a great place in a great amount of time, and my wife and I are incredibly happy!

   Yours Truly,

      Mary Beth

To whom it may concern,

    I have dealt with Charley when it comes to both buying and selling a home, and I must say, he is the best in the business. Charley not only sold my home, but he also found me a new place to move into when my original place sold. He made what is ordinarily an overwhelming process seem quite simple, and I was able to enjoy the process rather than stress out about it. My home sold fast, and I was able to move even quicker than I had thought! I tell all my friends and family looking to buy, sell, or rent to check him out, because he truly treats you like family!

    - Talon





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