Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start the rental process?

Go to and select 'rental application'. Enter all requested data. Ensure that email addresses are valid and that birth dates are accurate. Pay an application fee for each adult 18 years and over using PayPal (Our site provides the link)

If you prefer you may pay at our office (4867 Palm Coast Pkwy NW #2, Palm Coast, FL) with a credit card, cash, or bank check.

An application will not be processed until the fees are paid.

Any false information will result in rejection of the application.


What happens then?

A credit report and criminal background check will be run, and a recommendation will be made by the credit service. The service may recommend, approve, conditional approve or reject.

Why would I be rejected?

You may have poor credit, recent criminal background, or insufficient income.

If I'm approved, what happens next?

We will need proof of income, copies of driver's licenses, and rental history. You must sign a release so that your previous landlord can give us the required information.

How much money will I need?

Generally we will need $1000.00 security deposit or an amount equal to the rent, if greater. We will need the first month's rent and in some cases advanced rent (first and last).

Can I have pets?

Some property owners will allow pets, but they must be approved by the owner. If approved for pets, we will require a refundable pet deposit. You must have evidence of shots. Indoor pest control is your responsibility. Some breeds, such as Pit Bulls, will not be allowed.

Do I need a lease?

Yes, you must sign a lease. The term of the lease will depend on the property, but normally will be over six months.

When do I pay?

Security Liability deposits, Pet Liability deposits, first month's or first full month's rent and any advanced rent are paid at lease signing. For a short term (six months or less) rental, Florida Sales Tax will also be due. Monthly rents are due on the 1st of each month.

How do I pay?

You may pay electronically with a bank account or credit card, mail a check to the office, or bring the rent to the rental office.

What if I am late?

You will be charged a late fee on the fifth day and thereafter until the rent and all fees are paid.

What comes with a rental unit?

All units come with a refrigerator, stove, and oven. Most will have a dishwasher and disposal. Some will have a microwave and some a washer/dryer. Most units have a garage with garage door openers.

Who pays utilities?

You are responsible for Electric, Water, Trash and Cable in most cases. Exceptions may occur if you rent a condo.

Who takes care of the lawn and shrubbery?

In most cases the tenant is responsible for this. There are owners who prefer to contract this service and include it in the rent. You are responsible for the irrigation of the lawn.

Can I get a pet after I move in?

You may if the owner will accept and approve your pet. You need to sign a pet addendum to the lease and pay a refundable pet security liability deposit. You must have evidence of shots. Indoor pest control is your responsibility.

May I have more than one pet?

Only if approved by the owner.

What if the premises have damages or an appliance doesn't work, will I be held responsible?

Before tenants vacate, we do a walk-through inspection and record any damages. We may have the carpets cleaned if the tenant hasn't already done so. The previous tenant is responsible for this.

When you move in, you are given an inspection checklist so that you may note any problems in the home. This must be returned to us within a week of you moving in. This protects you if there is prior damage.

How do I know the premises are secured from prior tenants?

We re-key every home after a tenant vacates.

Can I use the security system if there is one?

That is up to the owner.

Can I install a shed for storage?

Sheds require a building permit and can only be installed by the owner or with owner permission.

Can I install a fence?

Fences require a building permit and can only be installed by the owner or with owner permission.

Can I install a security system?

Yes, but only with the permission of the owner.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

You are given online access to our system, where you may create a maintenance task. We will respond as soon as possible. If it is an emergency, such as a broken water pipe, call our office at 386-447-HOME (4663). If you are directed to voice mail, leave a message and we will receive immediate notification of that message. We will respond quickly. If it is a water emergency, turn off the main water supply valve until we can correct the situation.

Can I be charged for maintenance?

You may be charged if the damage is a result of abuse or negligence by residents or visitors. You will also be charged if you miss an appointment with one of our maintenance vendors. (See section 12 in the lease agreement.)

Can I clean the carpets myself?

No, carpets must be cleaned professionally, contact your property manager.

Can I install phone lines, cable or satellite?

Yes, with written notice to the property manager (Email is okay). If it requires putting bolts etc. in the house, you need permission before you install or remove it. You are responsible for any damage to the property that is caused by the removal.

Can I stay beyond the lease?

Yes, you may renew your lease for up to one year, or go month to month with a rent increase.

Can I sub-let?

You may sub-let only with written permission from the owner.

Can I move other people in?

You may if approved by the property manager. A credit and background check may be required.

Do I need to give notice to vacate?

We will contact you 90 days prior to the end of the lease to ask you your intentions. If you elect not to renew, during the last 60 days of the lease period, we may display a 'For Rent' sign on the premises, and show the property to prospective tenants with 24 hours notice to you.

Can I leave before the lease ends?

You may not legally leave before the lease ends. If you vacate before the lease ends, you are still responsible to pay the rent and utilities on the home until the lease ends. If you cancel utilities before the lease ends, you will be billed the charges to the owner through the lease end, and you will be billed for carpet cleaning and any repairs that may be necessary.

What if I have a severe hardship or job transfer?

We will work with you towards an early release. If we can fill the property with a new tenant, you may be able to leave with minimum penalty.


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